About My Hippy

Patrick Rigdon LaGrone (Pat) was born on May 1, 1952 in Houston, TX to Jane Greenfield Whatley (Grandma Jane) and Michael Whatley (Old Man Whatley). My dad is their 3rd child and has two older brothers, Michael and Jimmy, and one younger sister Lauren. When the kids where still young their parents divorced and the kids lived with the Whatley grandparents for a period (I don’t know much about this as my dad rarely spoke of them but my Grandmother told me). When my dad was 8 or 9 his mother (Jane) married Dale LaGrone (Papa) who adopted Jimmy and Pat. My dad LOVED Papa Dale and LOVED becoming a LaGrone.  The Whatley’s and LaGrone’s are Pat’s blood family but when he was still in middle school he met the Shepard’s. Glen Shepard is his absolute best friend and until I was 14 I thought he was my dad’s actual brother. Glen has a brother Ralph and a sister Rhonda and his mom’s name was Alice. Rhonda told me once that Pat met Glen and never went home again!