Adventure Hippy

My dad seemed to always make his big announcements on the fly, usually as he was walking in the house via the kitchen. In June of 1994, I had just turned 16; was still dealing with the death of a friend; had been less than a year since both of my dad’s dads (he was adopted by his step-dad) died; and I had just finished freshman year of high school. I had just returned from my Spanish tutor and was watching tv with a friend. The step-monster is sitting in her usual spot at the table doing the crossword puzzle. My dad enters via our right through the kitchen. This is almost the exact same feeling as when I ruined his surprise and announced he bought a motorcycle…my dad is walking in the kitchen and this time he says “I am moving to Jamaica.  Heather find somewhere to live. Lynn either divorce me or go with me”!  He basically left after that.  For the rest of that year he would go down for 6 weeks and come home for a few. He sold Raiders Pest Control and turned over Raiders Courier to my Grandma Jane. I stayed with my best friend and her family until the Spring Semester when my dad had convinced Debbie (birth mother) to let me come live with her (I didn’t stay with her more than 10 months but he tried). My dad moved to Jamaica and started a charter fishing business. He lived in Negril and a few years later my step-monster joined him. My Uncle Glen and I visited him when I turned 18. My dad loved Jamaica. He loved his adventure and he was meant for adventures. However, our relationship was severely altered forever as well as his with virtually everyone else. The step-monster became used to his undivided attention and to this day he hardly gets to see or talk to anyone else. He got in some trouble in Jamaica with the local government and had to return to the states in 2005. Sadly, my husband has only met / seen my dad 10-12 times and we have been together since 1998!!  Part of my writing this blog is to share memories of my dad with my husband.


One thought on “Adventure Hippy

  1. This breaks my heart.

    My dad and I too have a strange relationship but that strangeness it normal because I never saw him any other way.
    But for you to be writing about your father as a way to introduce your husband to who he really is is just the sweetest thing. It helps you to heal in a way too doesn’t it? #bigupurself #myfathercouldonlywish4adaughterlikeu #godknowshe’dnevergetsympathylikethisfromme

    But if he’s still alive… Get some vacay days and drop by, man. Regret is a hella of a weight to carry for a lifetime if you have any in your heart right now…

    This story really touched my heart tho.
    PS I don’t blame him for staying in ja too. I mean, it is ja, c’mon! lol

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