Turkey Larry

Turkey Larry earned his nickname when I was 2 years old. It was December 1981 and was the first Christmas for my dad and step-monster and I as a family. The step-monster was cooking dinner and I was playing with my dad. I used to love to run up to my dad and he would grab me and flip me upside down and hold me by the ankle high above his head (he is 6 feet tall)!  Well this particular evening I was wearing my brand new red corduroy pants that the step-monster bought way too big (because I would grow into them of course). Yep, you guessed it…my dad grabs me, flips me upside down, lifts me high above his head…and he is only holding my pants as I have fallen out of them and I am lying on the concrete floor on top of my shattered elbow screaming! My dad realized his horrible mistake which was grabbing the pants instead of my ankles!  He scoops me up and they run to the car with me. We lived 3 minutes from two different hospitals and they of course where opposite of each other. My dad heads to the larger of the two hospitals. He runs into the emergency room with me (I’m now screaming “my daddy broke my arm”) and the nurses explained that they didn’t have room to see me. My dad is panicking; I am screaming; and the nurses are saying no. A man in plain clothes walks over to my dad and explains that he was at the hospital visiting someone but that he is in fact an orthopedic surgeon and if my dad would like to follow him in his car to the other hospital he would operate on me!  My dad says “let’s go” and off we went following some random guy to the smaller hospital for him to operate on me!!!  His name was Dr. Oats and this would not be our only encounter in 1981/1982! While I am in surgery (and after the cops stopped questioning my dad because they too followed the good doctor) my dad’s friends all came to sit with him. One of my dads closest friends was Larry Morgan and he arrives with this sock monkey in a blue track suit (stuffed animal) that had “Zoomer” written on his chest. Since I am only 2 I am lying in a crib style hospital bed and I am miserable. I have two pins in my elbow and a full cast. Turkey Larry earned his nickname that night. He put Zoomer in my crib and then started jumping on my hospital bed acting like a monkey!  One of the nurses came in and scolded him for being such a turkey!!!

I still have Zoomer today!  I learned to tie my shoes using his shoelaces on his track suit!  He also went to many hospital visits with me over the years due to my heart issues!  Zoomer sits on top of my closet and I see him daily (I have had him 37 years now)!


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