The Federal Reserve in Houston was outsmarted by my dad…

I was about 8 or 9 years old and my dad had a weekly pick-up at the Federal Reserve in downtown Houston. My dad was put on the list from the company he contracted with to pick-up their items each week. The very first time I was with my dad we park in the loading zone and enter the building. Armed guards are everywhere and this was just the lobby!  I follow my dad to the counter and he gives his drivers license to the guard and signs the logbook. He puts his wallet away and tells me “let’s go”. The guard stops him and says that I can’t go with him.  My dad tells me to sit in a chair in the lobby and to stay put. The guard says that a child cannot be unattended and I cannot stay in the lobby. My dad tells him that he is not leaving me in the truck in downtown Houston!  The guard unhappily agrees to let me sit in the chair. It takes about 30 minutes to do what my dad needed to do as you have to go though several security checkpoints (and this was the 80’s). My dad was concerned that he would have a problem the next week as I rode with him every day of the summer. He was telling someone at the company he was contracted with the story / issue. That person said well they have a list let’s put her on the damn list. The very next week my dad and I walk in the Federal Reserve again. This time my dad walks to the desk and gives them both our names but of course he is the only one with identification. The guard smirks and checks his list. Sure enough I am on it!  The guard sarcastically asks my dad how he is supposed to verify that I am who the lists says…my dad responded with “ask her”. For years afterwards whenever my dad was unavailable to make a pick-up at the Federal Reserve he would send me with a driver. I was even taken out of school once to ride with the driver to the Fed and sign-in to go get the package they needed while the driver stayed in the truck because by then the guards wouldn’t allow anyone waiting in the lobby!  Like my dad always says “rules are made to be broken”!


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