Health update 2.8.17

I spoke to my dad last night and his first check-up at the VA was Monday (2/6) and it went fine. The infections are slowly healing and the doctors are starting to get his appointments set-up with the oncologist for his radiation / chemo; the nutritionist and such. He has another appointment tomorrow. The back and forth from home to the VA is very hard on him but like he said it’s better than being stuck in a hospital bed. I sent him a care package of a Harley Davidson t-shirt; the movie about how Harley Davidson began; a teddy bear to take with him to his treatments and a Harley Davidson bell to keep the gremlins away!  Of course my dad was happy to get it but he is a man of very few words (with me at least). My uncle Glen called me last night and told me “good job baby girl your dad is beyond thrilled with his care package”. Well, at least he was excited with someone…I will always help my daddy. I just won’t and can’t deal with the step-monster!  My prayers for peace for dad continue…


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