Code words and passwords for kids

My dad was obsessed with my safety!  To be honest he ran with a very dangerous group (a notorious biker club that I won’t name) as well as other people that all had their hands in one crime or another. It’s a miracle he kept his hands clean! Also, my mother’s step-dad had threatened to kidnap me. My dad also didn’t have the luxury of always being around to pick me up from school or nursery school so he invented a code word or password. When I was too young to know the answer he would tell anyone caring for me what the code word or password was. If someone showed up and said that he sent them they had to know the code word or password and if they did I was to be released to their care!  My dad was a dispatcher for Hot Shot delivery as well as a driver (he did this until he started his own companies when I was 7 or so). On a daily basis he would dispatch one of his drivers on a call near my school and then have them swing by and grab me!  The school was always relieved if I knew the person getting me!  When I was in the 4th grade an emergency came up and the step-monster couldn’t come get me but I remember one of my friends moms approaching me and saying that I was to go with her. I stopped for a second and she smiled and whispered the code word. I knew I was supposed to do what she told me to do!  Personally I think this was genius. My dad loves telling people about the time one of his drivers had Rodney Dangerfield in their truck (no idea why or how) and he called on the radio to my dad “Hello Pat!”  My dad loves that story!


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