I ruined my dad’s surprise!!!

My daddy and I have always been in sync with one another. He raised me but it was more than that. It was almost like I could read his mind.  My dad always worked for himself and he loved being a delivery driver in Houston, TX. He had the key map of the 4th largest city in the US memorized (back before google maps we had keymaps). It was never a good idea to leave me with my step-monster as we never got along (not when I was 3 and not today at 38) so in the summer, or when I didn’t have school, I would get up with him at 4 am and run his delivery route with him. We would sing at the top of our lungs to Hank Williams Senior and my dad would tell me all the stories that I will eventually write about here!

When I was 7 or 8 years old, I was at home with the step-monster, and I was watching tv on the couch. My step-monster was sitting at the table,just a few feet away, and my dad comes home entering to both of our rights so we see him at the same time. He comes in the kitchen with his goofy walk / run / stride thing he does (he is 6 feet tall but he bends at the waist and then takes big goofy strides and kind of dances at the same time) and all he says is “guess what I did today”. That’s it. That was the only question / clue.  I jump up and yell “you bought a motorcycle!!!” He stops dead in his tracks shocked that I blew his surprise. My step-monster drops her pen from her crossword puzzle and looks from me to him and back at me. You see my dad ALWAYS had bikes. When he was a teenager he would ride them up and down the hall of his highschool  (could be why he was expelled so often). When I was born he had one and would take me to nursery school riding on the gas tank (late 70’s and early 80’s no one really thought about kid safety). Plus you don’t intend to name your child after motorcycles unless you are obsessed. Regardless the step-monster forced him to sell his bike in 1981 once they got married (it’s also the only time he has been clean shaven and that didn’t last long at all). She was dumbfounded that he went behind her back and worse that I knew (or so she thought). No idea how I knew. No idea how I interrupted that goofy walk and huge smile to mean he bought a bike. He bought it. I announced it and the household was never the same again. I loved riding his bike with him!  We would just ride around the neighborhood every evening. He would pick me up at school (this time I rode on the back with a backrest) and I would feel like the coolest kid because I had the coolest dad. The step-monster started monitoring our alone time after that. She never believed I just guessed and always felt like he shared things with me before her. To this day I barely get to talk to him. Like I have said a million times..she has ruined my life since 1981. If I could afford it I would buy my dad a bike today. I wish he could ride one more time before he passes.


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