Grandma Jane and Papa Dale ALWAYS had standard poodles. When I was born they had 4!     They gave me Prissy on the day I was born. My Grandparents where at the local dump and saw a young girl sitting on the ground holding a leash that was attached to a silver poodle (normal size not toy and not standard). My Papa had never once suggested that they take in another dog but he saw this girl and went and talked to her. She explained that she couldn’t afford the dog and was planning on leaving it at the dump for someone to find. My grandparents took the dog and gave her to me!  She used to sleep in my crib at night and was very protective of me. My dad would play grab me and encourage her to bark and growl!  I had her until I was 15 years old!  When I was two I still had issues with my “r’s” so I would run around yelling for “Pissy”. My dad would laugh and laugh and still tells the story to this day!


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