Finally out of hospital (for now)

My dad is finally back home from the hospital. In the last month he has only been home 4 days. He is confined to a bed as he has two vacuum bag machines that are inserted into his infected wounds (removing the infections). He will go back to the VA to have his infections checked and the dressings changed (he must do this every 3 days). I have been trying to locate a local grocery delivery service but for his zip code nothing exists. Most grocery stores use Instacart for the deliveries but Instacart doesn’t service his area. It would be a 6-8 hour round trip for us to take him groceries and we may just have to suck it up and do it. Right now he said the church members and their friends are bringing them items. I hope this keeps up. We will be sending him an Amazon shipment today to try to ease their burden. I have no idea how my 75 year old wheelchair confined step-monster is caring for him (probably explains the weight loss and the infections). I am excited for him to receive our fun care package of the DVD about the Harley Davidson brand (Harley and the Davidsons); a Harley Davidson t-shirt; A Harley Davidson bell (to keep the road gremlins away); a teddy bear and of course a card. I want to send him ice cream but for now he will love his gift. Right now we are praying he heals fast and the infections leave his body so he can start radiation and or chemo. Good news is he is home. 


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