Almost named (at birth)…

My father was so obsessed with motorcycles that he wanted to name me either Harley David or Suzi Suzuki…mind you this was 1978 and he was dead SERIOUS!  Today (2017) people would laugh it off or just think it was odd but back then…OMG. I am so grateful that my Grandma Jane put her foot down and demanded they pick a better name. My parents lived on Heatherbrook so they decided to name me Heather and for my middle name Ann (I believe after my Aunt Lauren). For whatever reason no one in my family has ever agreed on what my name should be and it was pretty much the family joke. Grandma Jane called me Heather Marie; my mother Debbie calls me Heather Ann (the only person) and my step-monster would call me either Heddy (her nickname for me) or Heather Danielle (she even tried to change my name to this but my mother Debbie refused). No one has ever called me Suzi Suzuki and honestly Harley would have been super cute but not by 1978 standards!!!  Way to go Grandma Jane. I will forever thank you!


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